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Our International camps program provides individual players and teams with the opportunity to take part in a truly world class soccer training experience. All 5-day camps curriculum feature sessions delivered by coaches from some of the biggest clubs in world soccer. Consequently, every day the players are exposed to the different methodologies and philosophies shown by our team of top International coaches.

Emphasis is on developing the holistic player covering technical / tactical / physical & psychological elements. Attending as a team gives the opportunity to supplement their training schedule and experience a bespoke week of technical/ tactical practices, problem-solving games combined with team building, fitness & conditioning work.

Classroom sessions at residential locations focus on topics that highlight the variety of ways the very best soccer clubs in the world develop their young players. Each camp gives ALL players and club coaches a real insight into what it takes to get to the highest level.

International Coaching Staff

Players will be trained by elite level International coaches who are working with some of the biggest soccer clubs in the world. All carry the highest qualifications in player development and coach education. Many of our staff are either currently working with or have previously coached some of the biggest names in world soccer. This really is an opportunity to work with the very best. Under the direction of Jeff Bookman (Head of International Youth Development at Chelsea FC) all of our programs are delivered with a high level of skill and consistency.



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International Half-Day camps (3 hours)

Individuals or Teams –  Morning / Afternoon options

Aimed at boys & girls between the ages of 9 – 17, our half-day camps are designed for the more advanced level player. The 3-hour per day curriculum covers both technical and tactical skills, with the goal being to put players in a learning environment where they are challenged, technically, tactically, physically and mentally. Players can expect a truly world class experience by working with a different International club coach everyday.

The majority of the camps offer a morning & afternoon choice with some also having an evening alternative.

Some of the half-day camps offer specific goalkeeping classes throughout the week.

The half-day camp also lends itself to advanced level teams wanting to supplement their training schedule. Based on prior consultation with the team coach a bespoke curriculum can be designed so that the team receives a program specific to their needs.

The camp offers both the players and club coaches an opportunity to learn team tactics and practices from our International staff working at some of the best youth development Pro soccer clubs in the world.


Camps 2013


Typical Format

For Individuals or Teams

Session 1 Exercise 1 – warm up, ball familiarity and skills development
Exercise 2 – Small group work, unopposed & opposed
Session 2 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 & overload practicesTechnical/tactical phases
Attacking, Midfield and Defending themes
Session 3 Small –sided themed technical/tactical conditioned practices
Problem-solving games
Free Play tournamentsCool down & de-brief plus homework practice assignments

What is included plus the benefits


For players & club coaches

  • Coaching by Pro Soccer Club coaches from the EPL, Europe and South America
  • Training with a different International Coach every day
  • Opportunity for player talent ID
  • End of week individual player performance evaluation
  • Individual player and team awards
  • 3-month FREE access to
  • Team analysis and action plan
  • Club coaches may assist International staff
  • Session plans available on request
  • A comprehensive learning experience on & off-field plus online.

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Camps 2013

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A World Class Experience


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